Election Reminder!

Five Duties for all Christians: 1. Pray that God will send a great spiritual awakening to America, that many millions of our citizens will receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, and that Christians will dedicate themselves to God for spiritual living and active service within the family, the church, and the nation 2. Be registered as a qualified voter so you can practice your citizenship with accountability to God. 3. Become Informed Organize and lead or participate in a study group to inform yourself and others concerning the structure of government, current political problems and issues, and how to serve God effectively in the political arena at your level of influence. 4. Help Elect Godly People Help select and elect men and women of God to public office at the local, state, and national levels. Support them faithfully throughout their terms of public service by lovingly sharing with them the biblical views on issues, praying for them, and encouraging them. 5. Vote consistently in every election, after becoming informed about the various candidates and issues, and evaluating them on the basis of the Word of God