New Testament Stewardship

Faithfully Giving a First-fruit Position of Your Income for The Work of Christ’s Church.
When we speak of Stewardship, we often say that it deals with how we use our time, talents and treasures in respect to God’s Church, and that is true as far as it goes.  When Lutherans think about Stewardship, we should think in Lutheran biblical categories: Law and Gospel, vocation and sanctification.
Law and Gospel – The foundation of understanding the Bible and its teachings is the distinction between God’s Law and God’s Gospel.  The Law of God is the way He wants us to live by His commandments.  The Gospel is the Good News that though we can never earn God’s favor with our works, merit or worthiness, God has provided salvation for us free of charge in the incarnation, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
The Ten Commandments are Law – they show us how sinful we are.  The Law helps curb outward sin.  The Law also serves as a guide to how to live a life of thanksgiving for the wonderful gift of eternal life in Christ Jesus. Stewardship of our finances is Law.  In the New Testament God has given us believers in Christ certain commands about how to use our finances for the work of the Church. This is our guide for how to respond to God in thanksgiving for His gifts to us.
Stewardship as a way of Life.  
Your Stewardship Steering Team