Bridge Group – April 2019

The fourth Friday in March, the 22nd day, was a lovely day when we gathered for bridge at Carlsbad By the Sea, home of Carolyn Schmaltz.  We welcomed a  guest player, Sue Vaughn,  a recent newcomer to Carlsbad from Bakersfield.  
High scorer was Arlyn Schmad and in second place, Faye Bacon. We welcome players who may like to play regularly or as substitutes.  This is a group of women who also travel so Substitute Players are ‘gifts’ every month. 
April 26, we will begin play at 11 AM, at the home of Alice Lehmann.  If this is of interest to you please let me know. Welcome to this group of Women who meet in Christian Fellowship in member’s homes for a “Bridge Play Day”. Faye Bacon, Bridge Coordinator 760.707.6677

Two Table Bridge Group-Mar 2019

The New Year for the group began with a mutually agreed upon change as we recognized returning to our respective homes on a Friday afternoon left much to be desired.  The traffic is becoming heavier and timing is of the essence. 
We met on the 4th Friday of the month,  February 22,  at 11 AM and we chose Snacks and Bridge rather than Dessert at mid-noon and it is a good plan.  Anyone interested in playing bridge is welcome and letting the Bridge Coordinator know is the only requirement.  We meet in members homes and we always need substitute players.
Snacks were served for everyone to enjoy at the home of Faye Bacon and playing bridge began upon the arrival of all players.  Ruth Russell scored high score followed by second high scorer, the hostess.  Alice Lehmann rejoiced because she went home with her early-on investment and we understand Buck was impressed. 
March 22nd, we will play at the home of Carolyn Schmaltz at 11 AM. Why not give yourself a treat, if you like bridge,  call: Faye Bacon at 760-707-6677 or e-mail  I look forward to hearing from you; we come together as friends and we enjoy the Christian Fellowship and Friendships as a result.
Faye Bacon
Bridge Coordinator

Two Tables Bridge Group

Bridge play for 2018 was at the home of Alice Lehmann with a twist at the final play in 2018.  We met on Friday, October 26th, at 11:00 AM for snacks but we also had dessert and coffee, a real treat, and Buck was happy to have his serving, too!
It was a gorgeous autumn day and if there was a negative (which there was) we were shy one player so ‘Dummy’ took over and was low scorer.  High Scorer was Audrey Wickstrand and Second High was Ruth Russell, who is also a newcomer to our group. Congratulations to both winners!
Bridge play will continue on the fourth Friday of each month at 11:00 AM, beginning on January 25, 2019!  I can hardly believe that I make this announcement for 2019!  Time is elusive and every day I thank God that in His wisdom He gives us one day at a time to live; we know not what the morrow will bring but we know God is in control.
Thanks be to God!

If you are a bridge player and would like to play or be a substitute please let me know with an email message: or a phone call:  760-707-6677. We will be happy to share time with you over the bridge table.
Between now and the New Year, 2019, I wish you all a thankful Thanksgiving, A Blessed Christmas and a Most Happy and Healthy New Year!
Faye Bacon

Two Tables Bridge Group

September 28, 2018, the day we met to play bridge at the home of Arlyn Schmad will live in infamy. We have (8) Players almost every month but on this day we had (5 ) regular Players and the best man, Bill Barnes, who stepped up to the plate and joined us as Player #6. Drastic measures call for quick compromises!
While the 4 Players played 4 hands of bridge, 2 found pleasure playing “King’s Corner” and this was repeated. High Scorer for Bridge was Arlyn Schmad and second high was Alice Lehmann.
If you are a bridge player and would enjoy spending one afternoon every month at a bridge table we invite you to join us for dessert, beverage and bridge. We meet in members homes on the 4th Friday of each month with the exception of December. Please let me know by calling: 760-707-6677 or email:
I look forward to hearing from you.
Faye Bacon,
Bridge Coordinator at RBTS.