New Testament Stewardship

How are we to support God’s work in the Church?  To find these principles, we need to look to the New Testament and how we are told to fulfill the law of love in regard to financing the Church. St. Paul says the following to the Corinthian Christians:             “On the first day of every week, each of us is to put something aside and store it up, as he may prosper” (1Cor. 16:2) So, in the New Testament, we are to give:
  1.  Voluntarily and cheerfully.  Giving must be done voluntarily, not under compulsion, and cheerfully, not grudgingly.
  2. Our first-fruits.  Giving should be from the first-fruits of our labor.  Our giving is what we do on the first day of the week before our other expenses come due.
  3. Proportionally.  Giving is to be proportional, “as he may prosper.”  Giving is not to be an arbitrarily set dollar amount each week, but rather it is to be in accordance with how one has prospered each week.  Thus, each of us should determine to set aside a certain proportion (percentage) of our income for the Church each week.
  4. Faithfully.  We do have the promise that God will give us what we need for this body and life.  Therefore, we should give in faith, trusting that God will provide for all our needs, though not necessarily our wants!

So, in the New Testament proportional giving also is commanded.  Stewardship as a way of Life. Your Stewardship Steering Team