Stewardship Minute 1/21/2020

. . . . a person who feels shy, or awkward, or excluded at a party.

Did you ever go to a party where you didn’t know anyone except the person who invited you; but you couldn’t spend the evening with them because they were ‘mingling!’

When you are a wallflower at church, you go to your same seats and don’t talk to anyone other than those directly around you. After service, you might say ‘Hello’ to a few friends and then dash to your cars. What happened to ‘mingling’ getting to know your fellow members?

Wouldn’t you like to come out of your shell and join the ‘party?’ You may have things in common with other members of the congregation.

A good way to meet members is to ‘serve Christ’ as a volunteer for Redeemer By the Sea. Once you join a team, you are no longer a ‘Wallflower’, you are a participant in your journey with Christ.

As a member of various teams, and once a ‘wallflower’, I found I made many friends who call me by name.
It’s a good feeling! This is something a family can do together.

Mark your calendar for February 9th –Volunteer Appreciation Day. We will have tables set up outside the church for you to meet the leaders of the various groups. Please stop by and get some information on the groups that might interest you.

Thank you for supporting Redeemer by The Sea with your Time and Talent.
Stewardship Chairperson

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