LWM Meetings

Due to current circumstances resulting from the Coronavirus Pandemic with its ever changing and uncertain implications impacting our personal lives, normalcy has become greatly compromised on all levels.  Because of this, I as President of LWML, am announcing the CANCELLATION of both the LWML Board Meeting and the General LWML Meeting for the month of April.

It is UNKNOWN AT THIS TIME whether there will be meetings to follow in May or June, depending upon decisions being made by authorities to reinstate gatherings once more.

It is HOPEFUL that LWML will be able to hold ONE LAST MEETING before ending this year’s program schedule. Luann Goedert has graciously agreed to present her Food Demo presentation, “ORANGES…Round, Orange, Red & Tasty” for our last meeting IF IT HAPPENS.  All other scheduled programs up thru June are, now, CANCELLED which includes the KG Serenade & cookie decorating activity and BJ’s Summer Luncheon with Christine Vogelsang.

Meanwhile, expect UPDATES, regarding May and June, as well as, unfinished projects that the Executive Board will have to resolve. 

“…PRAY WITHOUT CEASING,” 1 Thessalonians 5:17

MaryAnn Meinardus, LWM President