The Role of the Parent

What does the Bible say about the role of parents?

  1. Parents have the key role in providing spiritual directions and care for their children
  2. The purpose of spiritual training is to raise faithful, loving children.
  3. Spiritual development is a lifelong, continual process.
  4. Parents must rely upon God’s grace and power to impact spiritual development, they should therefore pray for God’s help.
  5. The Bible is the basis of our stewardship training.
  6. The spiritual teaching of children will be nurtured and celebrated by the church.

Essential Elements to Teach Children

  • God owns all things; we own nothing.  God owns us twice because He both created and redeemed us.
  • We are stewards (managers) under God of all we are and have and do.  Everything we have is given to us by God as a trust to use for His purposes.
  • We are accountable and responsible to God for all He entrusts to our care.

Ways Parents Can Encourage Stewardship Development at Home

  • Be faithful stewards: lead by example!
  • Pray daily with children.  Include prayers for growth in stewardship and prayers of thanksgiving for everything the children have.
  • Use a family devotion book to get the family involved in a discussion, game or activity centered on a biblical stewardship principle.
  • Memorize a Bible verse together each week.
  • Create and implement a means for children to distribute their allowances proportionately for giving, saving and investing.
  • Use opportunities to show love and appreciation for life, the environment, money, etc.
  • Read Scripture together.

What Should Be Taught About Money

  1. It is not our money.  It all comes from God.
  2. We are not entitled to it but we are entrusted with it.
  3. God expects us to use it in the interest of His kingdom.
  4. The tithe is the biblical standard of generosity.

Parents can use the giving of an allowance to teach tithing, saving and investing to children.  According to the book of Leviticus, the first 10 percent of our income is to be offered to God.  If God required this of His Old Testament people, how can His New Testament be less generous.

Noreen Wenstone, Stewardship Chairperson

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