Comprehensive Approach to Stewardship

Any long-term approach to Christian stewardship must be grace-based, year-round, whole life, hands-on and intergenerational while respecting generational diversity.  The goal is to raise people not just money.  We often attempt to touch multiple aspects of stewardship in a single annual campaign or emphasis.  Stewardship is not just asking for a monetary commitment.  Stewardship is also asking for prayers, regular worship and time and talents.

When it comes to stewardship for adults, one size does not fit all.  It might seem like a lot of time and trouble, but we must try to diversify our approach to stewardship in our congregation’s life.  If we don’t, we will miss out on creating generous stewards in all but the most senior generations.  We will miss out on the gifts that succeeding generations can bring to the table in church life and stewardship. We will miss the joy of seeing people grow in generosity of all God has given.

Please help our congregation and step forward with any suggestions you might have that will help your generation become faithful stewards.

Next week:  Stewardship for Retirees