Faith that Works Bible Study Guide

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“Lord God, thank you for Your Word, and particularly the letter from the Apostle James. It reminds me just how much I need to grow. Lord, will You change my attitude? Move me from an attitude of griping to an attitude of gratefulness. Teach me to be positive under pressure. And Lord, please forgive me. I’ve been insensitive to others. I’m too caught up in my own world. I’m sorry. I’ve been a gossip. I’ve talked behind backs. I’ve shared things that were not positive, were not for the building up but for the tearing down. God, help me to not be so impulsive with my mouth. God, you know I’ve got pride in my life, it is easy for me to judge other people. Help me to realize that You are God and I’m not. And God, help me to grow in patience and prayer. Help me to talk to you more, and lead me to become dependent on you in every area of my life. Lord, Help me to become more like Your Son Jesus. In His Name we pray. Amen!”
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