Every week, there are over 500 people on our campus. We want our campus to say that we care about what we do here — joining Jesus in our community!
The Facilities Project Team is made up of people that have a passion or skill in this area and would like to be contacted when there are specific short term needs such as:
  • SET UP CREW: Help setting up rooms for special events.
  • PAINTING: Painting and touchups on the exterior or interior as needed.
  • PLUMBING: Making plumbing repairs when issues arise.
  • ELECTRIC/LIGHTING: Changing lightbulbs, checking electrical panel boxes.
  • REPAIRS: Ability to make minor repairs as needed.
  • LANDSCAPING: To monitor the care of the exterior landscaping. Would work in conjunction with our landscape contractor or utilize a landscape team.
Contact Kerry for more information, or register HERE!