Stewardship Project Team

We are called as God’s stewards to manage what He has entrusted us with. This team is concerned with projects that help people to understand this Biblical principal in many varied ways.
  • COUNTING THE OFFERINGS: Part of a team that counts and records the offerings received.
  • SETTING UP FINANCIAL SEMINARS: Periodic seminars for our members or the community with regard to financial matters.
  • THRIVENT: Educate our Thrivent members about opportunities to use their Action Team dollars.
  • LCEF: Work with Lutheran Church Extension Fund to provide information and opportunities to the congregation.
  • FUNDRAISING: Periodic campaigns to raise funds for an identified need.
  • PLEDGE CAMPAIGNS: Prepare information and materials for a campaign.
  • BUDGET PREPARATION: Work with the financial team to prepare the budget and make recommendations to the council. The annual budget is then presented to the voters at the September meeting.
  • ESTATE PLANNING: Plan seminars or educational opportunities for people to assist them in making decisions with regard to planning their estate.

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