Worship Project Team

Did you know that 5% of people who visit a church have never been to church? Our priority is to make everyone feel welcome and to have worship services that glorify God! It takes many people to make that happen week after week.
  • USHER: Provide our members and guests with hospitality, order and direction. This includes passing out bulletins, collecting the offering, helping to find a seat, and directing communion.
  • GREETER: Welcome people to worship, find those people who are new, and engage them in a comfortable way. Direct them to Sunday School or the nursery, or where they need. Friendly smile required!
  • COMMUNION PREPARATION: Fill communion cups and wafers for communion.
  • FLOWERS: Pick up flowers and bring to church, or if you desire obtain flowers from a wholesaler and arrange into bouquets.
  • DRAMA: Perform in occasional dramas during worship.
  • SCRIPTURE READING: Readers are scheduled to read Scripture during worship services. You choose how often you would like to serve. Readings are emailed to you in advance for your review.
  • CHOIR: Seasonal. Adult and older youth voices are welcome!
  • BELL CHOIR: You just need to know how to count!
  • MEDIA PRODUCTION: Producing videos or audio for worship services.
  • MUSICIANS/VOCALISTS: Vocalists and Musicians glorifying God through singing and music. Auditions required.
  • POWERPOINT: Run the PowerPoint presentation during worship, providing lyrics and responses in a non-distracting manner.
  • SET DESIGN: Use your creative abilities to create a visual environment according to the theme of a sermon series or liturgical season.
  • LIGHTING: Working up special lighting for events, and worship services.
  • WELCOME / INFORMATION TABLE: To welcome our visitors and members, providing information about their next step at Redeemer.
  • SOUND EQUIPMENT: Work with leaders and musicians to prepare prepare equipment and run the sound board during services. Vital for communication and removing distractions during worship.
  • NURSERY SUPPORT: Assisting in the nursery during worship, Bible studies, or events on Sundays as well as midweek. Non child-work jobs also available including washing fabrics, wiping surfaces and cleaning toys, etc.
Contact Kay for more information, or register HERE!