“Frozen” – What Do You Need To Let Go Of?

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UntitledFrozen is Walt Disney’s 53rd animated feature. As of this month it has
surpassed $1.2 Billion in revenue from box office, download, disc and
copyrights. It is a widely viewed film, and very well known for the song
“Let it Go,” with over 265 million views on Disney’s official You Tube page
for that song alone. Some of the lyrics from this song are filled with
emotions that many can relate to: “A kingdom of isolation.” “The wind is
howling like this swirling storm inside.” “Don’t let them in.” “My soul is
spiraling in frozen fractals all around.” But the song also speaks of hope:
“Let it go!” “The fears that once controlled me, can’t get to me at all!”
“Here I stand!” “I’m free.” You may need to let go of some things. The

question for you today, is where is that freedom found?