“God’s Not Dead” – How Do You Deal With Doubt?

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UntitledDo you consider yourself a skeptic? Many people are. When you see a
far-fetched statistic, do you look into the source data and background
assumptions? When you hear an unbelievable sales pitch, do you do research
on the product before you buy? When someone claims to have caught a fish
“this big” do you ask to see the pictures? (ha ha). If you do, then you may
be a skeptic. Most of us likely know someone, or once were ourselves, who
is skeptical about the claims that Christians make about Jesus Christ. And
often we can lose our patience with people as they continue to ask
questions and have doubts about Jesus. How can he be God and man? Isn’t
the Bible just made up stories? How can you believe in something you
cannot see? Didn’t everything around us just evolve by mutation and
selection? If God is so good, then why do bad things happen? … all of

these and more. How do you respond? I’m glad you asked …