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2020 Communion Prep Volunteers Needed

Communion is an extremely important part of our worship and we would like to say thank you to our helpers in 2019. We couldn’t do it without you! It is now time to sign up again for 2020. We would welcome new participants. Training is provided. Contact Hilda Kalaidjian if you have any questions (805) 304-1275. Thank you and blessings during this holiday season.

Annual Women’s Ministry Christmas Potluck

“A Child Is Born”, will be on Tues. Dec. 10th at 6pm. Great food, gift exchange ($20.00 limit) and caroling! Contact Mary Ann Meinardus for more information!

Bethlehem Handcrafts

On Dec. 8th, Bethlehem Handcrafts will be in the lobby offering beautiful, hand carved olive wood gifts for the holidays. Each piece of religious art is carved by a family in the Holy Land. Bethlehem handcrafts’ main objective is to help Christians families in the Holy Land make a living, and keep the Christian identity of Bethlehem and Jerusalem.

Stewardship Minute 11/10/19

We are embarking on a new Campaign, Time and Talent.
For most people the word volunteer implies that serving is optional: As people created, equipped, and called by our Lord to serve, we can’t opt out of the work He has given us. (Ephesians 2:10) the Bible doesn’t use the word “volunteer”, instead God’s word calls us “servants”.
Every congregation needs the Vital Few. Pareto, an Italian economist observed that a minority of people (about 20%) have the majority (80%) of influence and control.
As the body of Christ in a given context, each congregation is a body made up of many members which, though different in function, are of equal importance to the body. (1 Cor. 12:12-27)
Instead of trying to get more people to become part of the vital few, I encourage you to be one of the “helpful many.” The helpful many can make smaller yet significant contributions to the congregation’s work as members of the body of Christ.
The Gospel, not the Law (guilt) motivates us to do good work. Trust the Holy Spirit to use the Gospel to move you to do the work that He is calling our congregation to do. Stewardship Steering Team

Stewardship Minute 11/3/19

Thank you all for your generosity with our ‘Grow In to Our Future’ campaign. It was very successful. You showed how you believe in our church and want to make it a wonderful place to worship.
We are embarking on a new non-financial campaign. This campaign is For your Time and Talent.
Through your Baptism and God’s Gospel, you are asked to participate in the growth of God’s church. When God asks you to tithe 10% of your Firstfruits, he also asks that you give 10% of your time. He wants your whole self to contribute to the church. God gives us: time, talents and treasures.
There are many positions within the church that need to be filled and, many groups that need assistance. You can go to the website and see the list of service groups and growth groups available.
The church runs on servants (volunteers). We are all servants of God. We need your help. There is an old expression, “Many hands make light work.”
You can sign up to be an Usher, a Greeter, a member of the Alter Group and prepare communion, you can arrange Alter Flowers or help the group that serves coffee and cake. Since you are at church on Sunday, why not help these groups. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Many friends are made when you join a group. Stewardship Steering Team

Sunday School Children’s Christmas Pageant

 Join us on Sun. Dec. 8th at the 10:45 am Contemporary Church Service. This year we will be featuring our special guests, the Redeemer Kindergarten & Preschool Children. Contact Rhonda for more information! 

Christmas Decorating

On Sat. Dec 7th at 9:30 am, come and help decorate the church for the coming Christmas Season. MANY helpers are needed, especially to help get on ladders. Mark your calendar and join us.

High School Lock-In

Join us on Sat. Nov. 16th – starting at 6pm, and ending at worship on Sunday.  Did you ever wonder what the church is like at night? Come and find out! Invite your friends for pizza, games, movies, time in the Word, a service project, and more! Bring a snack or drink to share. Contact Deo Iadicicco for more information!

Stewardship Minute 10/27/19

Whole-Life Stewardship
Another way to approach the concept of whole-life stewardship is to pick up the thread of Baptism and vocation that run together through the Scriptures.
The first principle was formulated in these words:
God’s stewards are stewards by virtue of their creation and their recreation in Holy Baptism. Therefore, they belong To the Lord.
This statement was attempting to build the giftedness of each individual at birth and the dynamic that the Holy Spirit adds at Baptism. The Creator entrusts gifts so that the people of God are able to accomplish His purposes. Paul’s language in Romans 12 about giving our bodies as a living sacrifice, or response to God, connects everyday life to worship and service. This is what we are called to be and do. As such, it encompasses all of life. It knows no limitation to only certain aspects of daily living.
Stewardship is but a synonym for the life of a Christian who is living rightly with all of his relationships: before God as well as before his fellow creatures. Stewardship is the Christian life and Christian life is stewardship.
In Our Calling, a classic essay on the relationship of the Christian faith and Christian living. Einar Billing writes:
My call is the form my life takes according as God Himself organizes for me through His forgiving grace. Life organized around the forgiveness of sins, that is Luther’s idea of the call (vocation).
Our calling is the sum of all those tasks that God daily gives us along with the forgiveness of sins until the end of life.
So often we equate vocation as employment, a job . . . This language has a way of undermining our common baptismal vocation to be the people of God.

Stewardship Minute 10/20/19

Whole-Life Stewardship
The traditional trio of tithing time, talents and treasure was unbiblical and counterproductive if it implied that after giving 10 percent to the Lord, the faithful were free to do what they wanted with the remaining 90 percent.
Stewardship is an all-encompassing word, not subject to our usual limitation to what is placed in the offering basket on Sundays. Andrew Lincoln contends in his Commentary on the Gospel of John that the fourth Gospel was written as a mission-training manual. It begins with the Father sending the Son into the world as His agent to live among us so that we see our salvation. The Gospel ends with Jesus telling His followers, “As the father has sent me, even so send I you. “These three words about God’s mission – servant, apostle and steward – are a full-time responsibility for the people of God. And for each of us, that means the call (vocations) God has given us in home, church and society.

Christmas Choir

Rehearsals for our Christmas Choir will be on Sundays at 12:15pm in the Sanctuary. The choir will perform Christmas anthems for the 7pm Christmas Eve service and occasional Sundays in Advent for the 8:30am service. It is open to teen and adult singers. It’s not too late to join us! Contact Nick for more information.

Stewardship Minute 10/13/2019

“We are all beggars. This is true”
On account of Christ’s death and resurrection, the Father forgives you, save you, and is pleased with you. And you receive. You receive His love, His righteousness, His holiness, His acceptance, and His inheritance. We are all beggars. This is true.
This is the heart and soul of Christianity and the life-blood of the Christian Church. God justifies us, and He declares us innocent and righteous by His grace received through faith for the sake of Christ. This is not because of our works; this is because of His work on the cross. We, who once were enemies of God, are reconciled to Him and made to be His children.
This is what Luther would point us to when He took up his pen for the last time and scribbled “We are all beggars. This is true.” We are beggars. But we are beggars of God who does not ignore us, who doesn’t pass by us on the other side. We are beggars of the One who descended from heaven to make His dwelling with sinners.
We are beggars of Him who deigns to dwell with us, among us, and – yes – even in us by grace for Christ’s sake. For in the bread and cup that we bless, we share together with Christ and each other the riches of God’s grace.
So inexhaustible are the riches of this grace – the Gospel in sermon and absolution in Baptism and Holy Communion – that our cups overflow. We, who are God’s beggars, are not only inexhaustibly satisfied but have something to give back in thanksgiving and praise.

High School DYG

The High School District Youth Gathering is returning! It will be held in Palm Springs January 24-26. The theme is “Present to the End” and will address fears, anxieties, and stress that are faced by our teens. Registration is $100 and is due by 12/1. Pick up a registration packet at the Huddle, Sundays at 9:45am, or sign-up online:

Finding Your Why Workshop

On Saturday Nov. 9 from 9am – 2pm at Redeemer by the Sea, Rev. Dominic Rivkin our new Pacific Southwest District Mission Executive, will be conducting a workshop to refine the way we see our mission and our purpose in our community – our “Why.” To be a part of this important event, register HERE! The event is free and lunch is included.

Life Line Screening Event

Life Line Screening is pleased to offer a preventive health event at Redeemer by the Sea on 11/07/2019. The first 3 people from RBTS will receive 1 complimentary screening!  Register for this event and to receive a $10 discount off any package priced above $129.
To Register: Call toll-free 1-888-653-6450 or visit
Contact Kerry for more information about the event!

Stewardship Minute 9/29/19

Matthew 18:3 – “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Children trust their parents. They look to their parents to bless them and care for them. We are children of the heavenly Father, and He invites us to trust Him. He has given us proof of His trustworthiness by sending His son to save us. Children delight in giving their parents gifts. Parents delight in receiving these signs of love and thankfulness. Can you see how this applies to us giving gifts to our heavenly Father?

Sunday School Promotion Day

On September 8th, we celebrated Promotion Day together with the Blessing of the Backpacks and the launch of the rebranding of our Sunday School – “Kidz 4 Christ”. And, it was a big success! The children started out in Large Group singing and dancing followed by special treats, art, crafts and games. Next, to their classrooms to learn about God. If you haven’t already, please take a moment to come downstairs and see “The Scripture Wall” and what’s happening in our Sunday School.
We are always looking for volunteers in our Sunday School, so if God is calling you, please contact me at or at 760-518-7449.
Visit our Facebook page to see more pictures from this event!

Stewardship Minute 9/22/2019

Luke 16:8 – “For the sons of this world are more shrewd in dealing with their own generation than the sons of light.” The sons of this world know that they should use their wealth wisely to provide for their future. Shouldn’t we “sons of light” know that the wealth God has allowed us to manage should be managed for God’s purposes in the roles He has given us in Church, home and society?

First Communion

6th grade students and older who have not received communion instruction, are invited to attend the first communion class on Saturday, Oct. 12th from 9am – 12:30pm. This class explores the blessings and mysteries of Holy Communion in preparation for their First Communion on Sunday, Nov. 3rd. A parent is asked to participate in the class with their student. Register on your connection card.


GOD’S WORD KEEPS CHANGING THE WORLD.” Joel Garcia, from Wycliffe Bible Translators, will present a program for both men and women on Tuesday, October 8th. The LWM business meeting begins at 9:30 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall. At 10:15 a.m., everyone is invited to come for refreshments and the program.