Thank you for your faithful and continued generosity.  To simplify faithful giving, choose “recurring” gift, then when you’re away or you forget, you’ve put God first. Options available include: 
1. Online giving (credit card or bank)
2. One time or recurring electronic deposit from your bank or credit card 
3. Text “GIVE” to 442-222-2448. The first time you text to this number, you will receive a response text prompting you to register via a secure registration link. The next time you want to text a gift, simply text the amount to the number! Your payment information is stored securely within our secure giving platform, so there is no need for you to re-type payment information every time. Note that text donations are not settled by your cellular service carrier. 
4. US Postal Mail (6600 Black Rail Rd, Carlsbad, CA 92011)
For any questions regarding giving please contact our Financial Secretary, Jerry
Each Sunday we adorn our altar with fresh flowers for our worship services. If you would like to provide the flowers for a future Sunday, you can sign up and pay online HERE. There will be one bouquet for $30.  Contact Kay if you have any questions or would like to join the flower team.  
If you would like to help us by covering costs of VBS, please donate here.