During this pandemic, leadership is needed now more than ever. No matter who you are, someone is looking to you to help them through. Christ’s ministry consisted of three ways He led us – as a prophet (someone who proclaimed God’s Word), as a priest (someone who sacrificed on our behalf), and as a king (someone who rules according to God’s ways). Christ, in turn, gives to us what He has done. He is a prophet who calls us to speak His Word as His witnesses. He is a priest who calls us to offer our lives as sacrifices. And He is a king who gives us a kingdom. In this series, we discuss what it looks like to lead in these ways.
It can be tempting to grumble and argue during a time like this. Yet, we are called to hold on to and hold out God’s Word of life to a world that needs it. This is what Paul did for the Philippians and this is what we are called to do for our world.
Christ humbled Himself by becoming obedient to death on a cross. He gave all. Paul says we are to have this same mindset. Before we can challenge others, we must give to them. What are we willing to sacrifice for the sake of others?
When Christ sacrificed His very life, God vindicated this sacrifice by giving Him the Name that is above every name. His reputation is spotless, which is why countless millions follow Him. What do our reputations look like? Do our reputations show us to be people who live for Christ?