Whenever we make a purchase, we get a receipt. A receipt is a reminder that a transaction has taken place. In this series, we’ll do a “receipt review” in light of what God’s Word says about stewardship and ask: What do my receipts say about the transactions I make and the heart I have toward God and money?
November 7: What I Spend
Jesus tells a story where three men receive lavish amounts of money – years’ worth of wages – from their master. Two invest the money wisely and joyously. The third is fearful and foolish. We have been lavishly blessed by God! When we spend our money, are we wise and joyful, or fearful and foolish?
November 14: What I Give
The Christian churches in Macedonia were impoverished. But that did not stop them from being generous. So often, we create excuses not to be generous. But if we truly took stock of what we had, we might just find that we can give in ways we never imagined!
November 21: What I Get
The riches we have received, ultimately, have nothing to do with our goodness, but with God’s grace. When was the last time we truly took stock of just how recklessly God has blessed us and just how freely God forgives us?