Throughout this pandemic, church buildings have been closed. As things begin to re-open, the Church has a chance to ask: What have we learned? What can we do differently? In this series, we will look at the heart of who we are called to be as God’s people so that, as our churches re-open, more people can be welcomed!
September 20
Am I Open or Closed Off?
It can be so easy to become click-ish. We have our friends, our cultural sensibilities, and our faith community. The early church struggled with this, too. But Peter and James reminded the early church that the Church should not put up barriers to entry, for it is by grace that we are counted as God’s family.
September 27
Am I a Contributor or a Consumer?
One of the best ways we can show our faith to our world is by contributing to needs. In the early church, Tabitha was well known for serving others. Her death caused many to grieve, but her new life became a testimony of Jesus’ power. What do we want our lives to contribute to this world?
October 4
Am I Playing Offense or Defense?
It is so easy to try protect what we have. We can try to protect our finances, our health, and even our church. David stepped up to fight a giant when everyone else was simply trying not to be conquered by the giant. We are reminded how we can be brave in how we live for Christ!
October 11
Am I Known for What I’m For or Against?
It can be so easy to look at others and judge them! We all struggle with self righteousness. As Jesus reminds us, however, judgment starts with discerning our own sins rather than decrying the sins of others. When we jump to judging others, it can be very difficult to be for others.
October 18
Am I in Love with Jesus or ______?
The First Commandment reminds us that God is to be first. Yet, every one of us struggles with putting other things before God. We all struggle with idolatry. We are reminded that nothing – no matter how good – is
to come before God. He is our focus and our hope.