The gospel is meant to be shared everywhere! Whether we are away on a mission trip, talking with our neighbors, modeling Christ’s love to our coworkers or praying for our families, we can hold out hope in our spheres of influence. In this series, we’ll talk about how we can share our faith right where we are.
January 23: Be a Blessing
When Abram is called by God to go to a place he does not know, he follows God’s prompting, and becomes a blessing to the whole world. God can often call us out of our comfort zones to share Him with people we do not know, but He does know – and love.
January 30: Be a Servant
Loving our neighbors is a staple of biblical living. But all too often, instead of loving our neighbors, we avoid them or are simply too busy for them. How can we carve out intentional time to love those who live near us, even if they are not like us?
February 6: Be a Host
Matthew, also known as Levi, worked as a tax collector. After Matthew is called by Jesus, he shares Jesus with his fellow tax collectors. How can we share our faith with the people we know – even those who may not be so well liked?
February 13: Be an Example
It is always difficult to share your faith with a family member who does not believe. As we seek to share God’s love with those who we love most, it is not just about our words, but about our lifestyles
February 20: Be a Conversationalist
When writing to the church at Corinth, Paul assumes that there will be unbelievers in their midst and so encourages them to consider them. Do we consider those who have doubts and questions when we are worshiping each weekend?