Vice President – May 2020

While my work with the Call Committee has been put on hold for the moment, I am confident we will be ready to roll again as soon as we have a little more clarity around the timelines of Covid-19. In the meantime, I have continued my participation with the executive committee and the full council.
As we currently have a vacancy for the Christian Education committee chair, I have been the liaison with regards to Miss Rhonda’s work with the youth for Sunday School and for Vacation Bible School. Sadly, we have accepted that it will simply not be viable to hold our traditional Vacation Bible School we had originally scheduled for the end of June. The current priority is to plan for Covid-19 protocols as applicable to our Sunday School, so we are ready to roll safely when the time comes. Once we are clear on understanding the best way to keep our children and youth workers safe, we can start planning again with the goal of joyful, memorable Christian education events for our little ones and our youth.
One of the responsibilities of the Vice-President is to assist with filling vacancies for the Council. While we are not formally in that time frame yet, I am interested in speaking with anyone who has a heart for serving in one of the leadership roles of our church. I can share with you that it is rewarding and achievable. If you even just have questions, please reach out to me as I would love to visit with you.
The great thing about leadership is that you can be a leader every day without ever having been elected or appointed to a single thing. Certainly our Lord, Jesus Christ, displayed the greatest leadership ever recorded on this earth simply by being obedient and in intimate relationship with the Father. This is the journey I know we all aspire to, and I encourage each of you as you are leaders in your own lives. With our circumstances so far outside of our comfort zones, this is especially important right now. I pray for all of us as we walk together in the community of the Church.
Respectfully submitted,
Kim Glassman