Has the Offering Plate Been Passed By?

Matthew 5:24b – “First be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift.” Our giving to the Lord’s work is part of our wider Christian life. The Lord wants us to walk in His ways in all we do. He wants our hearts united to His. It’s not our gift the Lord wants, it is our very elves in all we thin, say, and do.

There have been several short-term casualties of the COVID-19 pandemic. The church is not without its short-term casualties either.

COVID-19 and the offering plate.
Now is the time to start looking at what the next steps are so that they can be planned with the proper balance between careful stewardship of the ministry and careful stewardship of the health of the congregation.

Many of the short-term casualties will recover. Buildings will once again be filled with faithful saints listening in person to the preaching that has been in virtual realm. The Table will once again be set with Christ’s Body and Blood to be shared for the forgiveness of sins. Organs will roar to life; instruments will be tuned for praise. Voices will be raised in petition and song.

But there are some treasured items that will be long-term casualties. There is an indication that the handshake, jammed pews, common-use hymnals and bulletins could be a long-term casualty. Hygiene and sanitation will rise in importance.

It is highly likely that the offering plate will be a thing of the past. Centrally-located, convenient offering boxes and the rise of electronic giving, combined with the surface contact concern with the plate may make it one of the last pre-COVID -19 practices to return.

The fate of the plate is up in the air now. The generosity of God’s people is not.

Next week’s article- The importance of visible stewardship

God Bless you!
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