There’s no limit on hope. You can discover a whole lot to smile about if you know where to look. And we can help you find it! Don’t let life get you down. Stay joyful. Stay hopeful. And Stay Positive!

June 7: Enough of the Bad News
Bad news seems to be everywhere you look these days. What consumes your mind controls your life—so who’s ready for some good news instead? In Week 1 of Stay Positive, discover the hope you can have in Christ, the good news you need to hear, and how to stay optimistic even when bad news tries to dominate your daily life.

June 14: The Cure for Complaining
Gratitude is the gateway to peace. Thankfulness brings joy. In this week’s Stay Positive message, find out how to cure complaining by focusing on gratitude and thankfulness for what God has given.

June 21: Three Truths to Build Your Confidence
Forget self-confidence. Start cultivating God-confidence! In this message, you’ll find three truths to build your confidence in God and stay positive and confident in the promises He’s made to you.
June 28: 100 Reasons to be Encouraged
Words have power! One encouraging word could be the catalyst for change in your life. See how encouraging words have extraordinary power and potential to give life, build faith, and offer hope.
Spiritual enthusiasm is contagious. If you’ve lost your passion, it’s time to get it back!
Remember, it’s not what you do that makes it meaningful, it’s who you do it for. If you need a reminder of the passion you once had, Week 5 of “Stay Positive” can help!
How do we inoculate ourselves against the scarcity mindset? How do we decide to live with the abundance mindset that reminds us God is more than enough? In this message, we find out how to stop the scarcity cycle using three principles of provision and how to stay positive through faith in God!