Brewster’s Millions: The Rich Fool

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All of us are concerned about our material possessions! The “Gold
Guy”(William Devane) says, “I’ve worked hard for my money and I don’t plan
on losing it now.” His solution, “It’s time to buy GOLD!” In contrast
Jesus tells us “don’t be concerned about tomorrow” …..”Lay up for your
selves treasure in heaven.” That sounds foolish doesn’t it? This morning
our Lord Jesus tells us a parable about a “Rich fool” who built “larger
barns to store all his possessions” so as not to lose them. The
foolishness of the rich man was not that he worked hard and became rich.
His foolishness consisted of the fact that he left God out. He foolishly
chose to remain outside of the Kingdom of God. “He was not rich toward
God.” God provides everyone rich and poor, young and old, strong and
week, the TRUE riches of His eternal Kingdom….Jesus Christ “though He was
rich yet for our sakes became poor that by His poverty we might become
rich!” We rejoice together as we receive and partake of THE TRUE LASTING