I Will Love You Forever

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“What I Did for Love: I Will Love You Forever” – Lent is a 40-day
observance in preparation for Easter. “Lent” comes from a word meaning
“spring.” In a real sense, this is a springtime for the soul, a time to
clean house, a time for renewal, a time to focus on the sacrifice of God
through the death and precious blood of His Son, Jesus Christ. Quite
simply, Christ’s death was an act of Love! It took great Love for Christ
to surrender His will to the Father, and it took great love for the Father
to allow His Son to die for unworthy sinners. So the cross, a symbol of
death and torture, has become an unlikely symbol of love and hope. We are
filled with hope when we realize that Christ’s death shows the depth of
God’s love, and the resurrection shows the height of God’s promises!