The Blind Side: Having a Humble Heart

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“Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought” the Apostle Paul
tells us in Romans. And Jesus reminds us in our Gospel today, “Everyone
who exalts himself will be humbled.” The truth is, we allow ourselves to
be “puffed up” and exalted by our position, authority and possessions.
It’s easy for us to think of ourselves as better than someone else.
However, there are lots of reasons we should not do this. The greatest of
which is that before the Lord we are all sinners. When we compare
ourselves against His perfect and righteous laws, we all fall short. When
we gaze upon His glorious majesty and power, we are ALL beggars and
hoodlums. Without Christ we are without power and without hope. It is
best for us to realize that now, and live our lives humbly and thankfully.