What’s on the Other Side?

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UntitledEvery culture in our world has an overarching “cultural narrative.” This
means that people groups of all time and places seek to answer some of the
most important questions about life. They strive to describe how and where
we can find meaning, purpose, and value in our lives. A large part of any
culture is the “narrative,” or the answers to questions like, “Why are we
here?” “Why do bad things happen?” “What is truth?” and “What will happen
when I die?” In popular new movies like “Interstellar,” Hollywood seeks to
enter this narrative. Filmmakers postulate in a manner of speaking answers
to these questions. Movies, however, are so advanced and convincing today
that it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. We must remember that
these are stories based on imagination. Yet, in reality, these questions
still remain. So how can we find answers to these meaningful questions of
life with any confidence and hope?