CSI: Examining the Evidence of Creation – 3. Interrogating the Witness

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Sermon Notes

csi pic 7 (2)In any kind of trial, various witnesses and pieces of evidence are brought
before the judge and/or jury. Their testimony is considered and weighed in
light of all the known and verifiable facts. Some evidence is considered
circumstantial – meaning that what it indicates is not necessarily relevant
in the investigation. The best kind of testimony, however, comes from
eye-witnesses – those who actually saw the event in question. Their
testimony is further strengthened if there are other witnesses who saw the
same things. In some cases, the credibility of a witness is brought into
question. Can they be trusted? In regards to witnesses proposing to tell
an account of creation, we ask the questions: what or who are the
witnesses? Were they really present at the scene? And can their testimony

be trusted?