“My Big Fat Greek Wedding” – Are You Trapped By Your Past?

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UntitledAll people have a past! Sometimes that past is something they’re not proud
of. They want to change it, but it seems to call them – either in an
attempt to avoiding changing their ways, or to fill them with guilt and
shame. Truly, all of us have things in our past we wish to free ourselves
from to some degree or another. It started with Adam and Eve in the Garden
of Eden. Adam and Eve sinned and ate of the fruit of the Tree of Good and
Evil; and God banished them from the Garden – into a world full of toil and
pain. And today, in the midst of a world full of hurt and regret, God
says, “you can leave your past and start fresh and new with me!” Come to
Him. He never left you. Your past does not define you. Rather, your

relationship with the Lord defines your true identity.