The Battle Begins

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Sermon Notes

We often try and avoid situations where courage is required. We prefer to
play it safe, to avoid the risks, to stay within our boundaries. In the
swimming pool of life, most of us try and stay in the shallow end. But
there are moments—defining moments—in our stories where we will be called
upon to be men and women of courage. They may not be as dramatic as a
shielding your children from a tornado or running for help in a life and
death situation, but we will all have moments that will test our courage.
In chapter 7 we read about Joshua who was a man of great courage. He is
leading Israel back to the Promised Land that they refused to enter 40
years earlier (Num. 13:27), and in Joshua 1:1-7, as God prepares Joshua to
lead the charge, He urges him to “be strong and very courageous (v. 7).”