The Birth of the King

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TheManwiththePlan (2)Heaven had been very quiet for 400 years. No burning bushes. No parting
seas. No visions or dreams reported by prophets. No message from God…just
silence. Then, in a magnificent yet inauspicious way, God broke the
silence, but not just by speaking a word – but by sending THE WORD … His
Son, to take on flesh and blood. His birth was unspectacular, yet His
presence dispelled darkness and cast an inescapable ray of light across
history. God’s promises to Abraham and David had found fulfillment at long
last. In a way that only God can, He planned the birth of Jesus to
perfectly fulfill the promises He made to the world through His Nation,
Israel. Today we celebrate the birth of the True King of Heaven and the
coming of our Savior. He is the focal point of The Story.