The Child Who is John’s Joy

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Sermon Notes

It was a joyous scene when the ark of God drew near to Jerusalem in King David’s day. The ark of the covenant was such a gift of grace and mercy, David did something that adults—especially kings—never do. He leapt for joy before the ark. But it was an even more joyous scene when John the Baptist, the forerunner, met Jesus, the Savior, for the first time, while they were both still in their mothers’ wombs. John, in the womb of an elderly, formerly barren woman, leapt for joy at the voice of Mary, the Virgin carrying God’s Son in her womb. God’s special presence on earth would no longer be tied to a gold-covered box but rather to the incarnate Son of God, our Lord Jesus Christ. Our hearts have every reason to leap for joy as John the Baptist leapt. God’s presence is among us as Christ draws near to us in His Word and Sacraments, and He has promised to be near to us forever when He comes again on the Last Day.