The Return Home

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Sermon Notes

GodisSpeakingDSDo you know the feeling of getting back home after an extended time away –
either for work or vacation, it doesn’t matter – the feeling is the same!
It is so good to get back to your comfortable surroundings with familiar
things. Even the not-so-nice things like loose doorknobs, squeaky stairs
and weeds in the garden comfort you. The Bible tells of a number of
“homecomings.” The prodigal son, the adulterous woman, and the people of
Israel know this feeling of coming back home. So do we. Today in The
Story, we see the people of Israel are invited back to their home in the
Promise Land by God. When they get there, they see the nice things of
home, but they also see a not-so-nice thing: There is no temple in
Jerusalem. Their exile isn’t over yet. No homecoming is complete without
the presence of God.