Understanding God’s Justice

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A_New_Dawn_by_Burning-Liquid 1400x1400Earlier in this series, we talked about Judgment Day. The undeniable truth
is that one day Jesus will return to judge everyone on earth. However, how
will He judge? Will He judge like we would judge? Let’s hope not. For if
He did, few would be in heaven. We humans readily receive the grace of God
for ourselves, but we are often unwilling to grant it to others. Likewise,
if God judged like we judged, there would be few in hell. We humans are
very uncomfortable with hell as a place of eternal punishment. We can
hardly fathom that a good and loving God would even create such a place,
let alone torment people in it forever. What to do? That is why we must
readily agree with God’s Word through prophet Isaiah when He says, “my
thoughts are not your thoughts.” Thankfully, God sees all things and knows

all things, and His judgments are always right!