Jan 16, 2022
“It Begins with a Party”
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"It Begins with a Party" As we leave Christmas, we begin to see Jesus gathering his disciples and teaching them who he really is. His first miracle introduces his divine power by changing water into wine. This seemingly insignificant act has great implications for his ministry. Sermon text: John 2: 1-11
  • Jan 16, 2022“It Begins with a Party”
    Jan 16, 2022
    “It Begins with a Party”
    Series: (All)
    "It Begins with a Party" As we leave Christmas, we begin to see Jesus gathering his disciples and teaching them who he really is. His first miracle introduces his divine power by changing water into wine. This seemingly insignificant act has great implications for his ministry. Sermon text: John 2: 1-11
  • Jan 9, 2022Passing Through the Waters
    Jan 9, 2022
    Passing Through the Waters
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    "Passing Through the Waters" The importance of Holy Baptism cannot be overstated for the Lutheran Church today. Yet for many individuals thinking about becoming Lutheran, baptism is a stumbling block. How can we put our faith in a rite, much less mere water? How can water do such things? As Luther himself said, it is not just water, but the word of God in and with the water does these things, along with the faith which trusts this word of God in the water. Today’s sermon will explore the wonderful gift of Holy Baptism for the Lutheran Church today!
  • Jan 2, 2022Jesus’ Divine Work at a Young Age!
    Jan 2, 2022
    Jesus’ Divine Work at a Young Age!
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    “Jesus’ Divine Work at a Young Age!” (Luke 2:49) Our Gospel lesson for this morning follows an approximate 10-12 year period of silence in the Gospels regarding the life of Jesus. After the birth narrative and the eventual visit of the wise men, nothing more is heard about Christ’s life until the age of 12, detailed for us today in Luke 2. What happened during those intervening years? Only the Holy Spirit knows; but His godly wisdom in dictating the Bible is shown through His choice of divinely chosen revelations in Jesus’ life, all for our spiritual edification.
  • Dec 26, 2021The Redeemer is Here
    Dec 26, 2021
    The Redeemer is Here
    Series: (All)
    The Redeemer is Here
  • Nov 24, 2021Thanksgiving Essentials
    Nov 24, 2021
    Thanksgiving Essentials
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    Thanksgiving Essentials.
    Thanksgiving Day is a special day. As a national holiday it is different from all others. On it, we do not celebrate a great victory in battle. Nor do we honor a great person. It is a day when we thank God for the blessings we, as a nation, enjoy. In the Old Testament, Moses instructed the people of Israel to, “praise the LORD your God for the good land he has given you.” How might we thank and praise God? What are the Essentials of Thanksgiving?
  • Oct 17, 2021“The Riches of Christ”
    Oct 17, 2021
    “The Riches of Christ”
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    “The Riches of Christ” Wealth is an obsession in our culture today. But what is actually being lauded as valuable in our culture may not be so. On the other hand, those things which are devalued in our culture today may have great worth in the LORD’s eyes. Today we hear an encounter between a well-meaning tycoon and our Lord Jesus, which embodies nothing less than a collision between false wealth and true wealth. May the Lord bless you with His innumerable riches of grace, mercy, forgiveness, and eternal life through your worship with us today! Sermon Text: Mark 10:31
  • Oct 10, 2021If I Were a Rich Man
    Oct 10, 2021
    If I Were a Rich Man
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    - There are many stories about getting what we wish from a magic lamp or genie-like character. Do you know what your three wishes would be? How about just one? What would be the best Christmas gift ever? Today we want to think and pray just a bit about our desires and their fulfillment. Does God really care about your needs?
  • Aug 8, 2021All We Need
    Aug 8, 2021
    All We Need
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    All We Need Have you ever noticed that there are some foods that leave you more hungry than you were when you started to eat? For me, it's soup! Some say that the purpose of the church is to feed hungry souls. How can we be sure that the "food" that is sought and served doesn't leave the hearers more hungry than they were before the service? Jesus calls himself the "Bread of Life", and that coming to him at his table is the only certainty we have that we will never go hungry. Jesus is all we need, his Word of forgiveness filling our souls and strengthening us for the journey ahead. Come to the table! Taste and see that the Lord is GOOD!
  • Apr 25, 2021“Always on Duty”
    Apr 25, 2021
    “Always on Duty”
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    "Always on Duty" “The Lord is my __________.” Fill in the blank! Most of us who have grown up in the Church might quote Psalm 23, “The Lord is my SHEPHERD.” A beautiful word, no doubt; but a shepherd is a rare sight in our day and age! Still, it’s comforting to know that Jesus, our Good Shepherd, is always on duty – providing, protecting, and prompting us to live as Good Sheep in the flock of God. We gather today under the watchful gaze of Jesus, trusting in the gift of his glorious cross and resurrection! He IS Risen!
  • Apr 18, 2021“Rethink Easter – The Resurrection Changes Everything!”
    Apr 18, 2021
    “Rethink Easter – The Resurrection Changes Everything!”
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    “Rethink Easter - The Resurrection Changes Everything!” The Resurrection of Jesus brought a radical shift, it changes the way we look at everything - ourselves, the church and Christ’s mission.
  • Apr 11, 2021“More Than Real…”
    Apr 11, 2021
    “More Than Real…”
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    "More Than Real…” In the midst of all your own doubts and disbeliefs, the risen Christ declares: Peace be with you! Have you denied God by your words or deeds … and now repent – as Peter did? The resurrected Savior says to you: Peace be with you! Have you betrayed Christ in your thoughts … disbelieved His promises – as Thomas did? To you, who in repentance now hunger and thirst for the Resurrected Christ … He Who died on the Cross … but has broken death’s chains and left the tomb forever empty – your Risen and ever-living Lord and God declares to you once again: Peace be with you, and is more than real!
  • Feb 14, 2021Can We Do It?
    Feb 14, 2021
    Can We Do It?
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    Can We Do It? "To live above with those we love, oh, how that will be glory. To live below with those we know, now that's another story.” Think about all those relationships you have, not just your “valentine”, but your family, all of your family, your neighbor (both literally and the way Jesus wants us to think), even those you have trouble with. How Can we live up to God’s standard for how we relate to all of those people? Do we even know what God’s standard is?
  • Jan 17, 2021Jesus Shows Us the “Great” Life
    Jan 17, 2021
    Jesus Shows Us the “Great” Life
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    Jesus Shows Us the "Great" Life... - It’s a Life that Humbly Serves All - It’s a Life that Willingly Welcomes All My Next Step(s): - I will ask Jesus to change my understanding of what it means to be “great.” - I will Humbly Serve others — even those that society marginalizes. - I will Willingly Welcome All — seeing that other person as made in God’s image. - I will seek to protect life from the least to the greatest. - I will learn more about Lutherans for Life at www.LutheransForLife.org Visit RedeemerbytheSea.org/Online-Worship for more information.
  • Jan 10, 2021Get Started
    Jan 10, 2021
    Get Started
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    We can never finish the things we never start. Sometimes, we spend so much time thinking about how to start something that we never actually start it. In this message we look at how Moses had a few excuses when God told him to go back to Egypt and free the Israelites. But for every excuse, God will always be with us and equip us when we step out in faith. Questions: - What do you want the end of your life to look like? - How will you do what you can to get started this week? - What’s something mundane in your everyday life—like Moses’ staff—that you’ll allow God to use mightily this year? - How will you experience Jesus’ presence “with you” this week? Action: - Decide today to “know who you’re with.” Invite the Holy Spirit to embolden you with His presence daily. - Stop worrying about “mile marker 20” - just start with step one and trust God with the journey. Visit RedeemerbytheSea.org/Online-Worship for more information!
  • Jan 3, 2021Chosen By God
    Jan 3, 2021
    Chosen By God
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    "Chosen by God" Ephesians 1:3-14 - Blessed by being "in Christ" "Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ. For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight. In love he predestined us for adoption to sonship through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will— to the praise of his glorious grace, which he has freely given us in the One he loves." - Ephesians 1:3-6