A Spirit-Filled Church

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Sermon Notes

Jesus promised to give the Holy Spirit to His disciples after He returned to His Father.  That promise is fulfilled at Pentecost.  Acts Chapter 2 records this amazing one-time experience that took place in Jerusalem 50 days after Jesus celebrated the Passover with His Disciples. And yet, each of the members of Christ’s Body, the Church, receives the Holy Spirit even today through faith and baptism.  What does it mean to be “Spirit-filled” and how does the indwelling of the Holy Spirit affect us as individuals, and as a church?

My Next Step(s):
– I will not resist the Holy Spirit in my life, but rather seek to hear His voice and
follow His leading.
– I will witness boldly about what Christ has done for me.
– I will discover my Spiritual Gift(s) and use it/them for the common good.
– I will live a Spirit-filled, holy life, set apart and dedicated to God’s glory.