Am I Playing Offense or Defense?

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Sermon Notes

Am I Playing Offense or Defense?
It is so easy to try protect what we have. We can try to protect our finances, our health, and even our church. David stepped up to fight a giant when everyone else was simply trying not to be conquered by the giant. We are reminded how we can be brave in how we live for Christ!

My Next Step(s):
– I will remain open and welcoming to those who are outside of the Church.
– I will contribute to the work of God’s Church – especially as we re-open.
– I will discover “perspective” in remembering what God has done for me in the past.
– I will “run” to the battle line – to do the work that God has prepared me for!
– I will not be afraid to be on the offense for God’s Kingdom, man cannot deter me.

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