Name Brand

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Sermon Notes

In the ancient world, someone’s name was also their reputation. God does not want us to take His name in vain because that damages His reputation. Yet, by how we live and by what we do as Christians, we often do besmirch how God wants to be known. Honoring God’s name, then, includes everything we say and do.

My Next Step(s):
– When I am in a desolate place, I will trust that God has not abandoned me.
– I will use the quiet, barren and boring times in my life to move toward God.
– I will revere, not misuse, the Name of our immutable, eternal, loving God!
– I will honor God’s Name by speaking/sharing it, praying it, and living it.
– I will find my identity, meaning and hope in God’s Name placed on me in my baptism.