The End of Time

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Sermon Notes

Under Construction (2)Had any good vacations recently?  Most likely you enjoyed comfortable accommodations, good food and a nice mix of relaxation and entertainment.  Vacations are a time of “suspended stress.”  During them, we take a moment and leave the struggles of life behind – the bills, the work and the burdens of our life.  But then the vacation ends.  You get home, and it all starts over again.  As we end our study of The Story today, we see what God has in store for us … and it is good!  We learn as we view the Revelation of St. John that God’s plan for us is like a reverse vacation – we have no bills, no stress, and no sin for the rest of eternity… talk about “suspended stress!” When Christ returns he will make all things right!  So call on His name, and make your reservation.