Apr 3, 2019
Love is Forgiving
Series: Love Is
Forgiveness and love are intimately connected. You will never be able to love someone well if you are not able to forgive them for the times they do not love you well. We should seek, on the one hand, never to lead someone we love into sin while, on the other hand, forgiving others when they tempt us into sin, or sin against us.
  • Apr 3, 2019Love is Forgiving
    Apr 3, 2019
    Love is Forgiving
    Series: Love Is
    Forgiveness and love are intimately connected. You will never be able to love someone well if you are not able to forgive them for the times they do not love you well. We should seek, on the one hand, never to lead someone we love into sin while, on the other hand, forgiving others when they tempt us into sin, or sin against us.
  • Mar 31, 2019Love is Not Irritable
    Mar 31, 2019
    Love is Not Irritable
    Series: Love Is
    In Jesus’ parable, a judge gives a woman what she wants because she won’t stop bothering her and it irritates him! Jesus promises that, no matter how many times we “bother” God, He will never become irritated with our pleas!
  • Mar 27, 2019Love is Not Self Seeking
    Mar 27, 2019
    Love is Not Self Seeking
    Series: Love Is
    In a culture that is selfish, we are called to be selfless. Being selfless helps us connect with others better because it focuses us on them and their needs.
  • Mar 24, 2019Love is Not Rude
    Mar 24, 2019
    Love is Not Rude
    Series: Love Is
    It is easy to be rude when someone angers you. But rudeness only ruins relationships! When we are tempted to be rude, we should instead forgive someone for whatever it is that is tempting us toward rudeness.
  • Mar 20, 2019Love is Not Arrogant
    Mar 20, 2019
    Love is Not Arrogant
    Series: Love Is
    The ancient Israelites relied on themselves and their own spiritual desires rather than on God and His revealed spiritual order. Solomon reminds us, “An arrogant spirit comes before a fall” (Proverbs 16:18). How can we humble ourselves under God?
  • Mar 17, 2019Love is Not Envious
    Mar 17, 2019
    Love is Not Envious
    Series: Love Is
    It was envy that got Jesus killed. The religious leaders were jealous that Jesus was smarter than them and had a more devoted following than them. Their envy led to death. Envy always kills – it kills joy, it kills fulfilment, and, many times, it kills achievement, because it’s so busy complaining about what it doesn’t have that it forgets to grow into what it could have.
  • Mar 10, 2019Love is…Patient
    Mar 10, 2019
    Love is…Patient
    Series: Love Is
    Saul was not patient in waiting for Samuel to make a burnt offering and give him a word from the Lord. Because of Saul’s lack of patience, Israel’s kingship was lost to his family. Impatience results in loss. This is why God is so patient with us – because He wants to keep us (cf. 2 Peter 3:9)!
  • Mar 3, 2019Gracious Giving, Generous Living
    Mar 3, 2019
    Gracious Giving, Generous Living
    Series: (All)
    The Apostle Peter is known for “stepping out of the boat” on faith (Matthew 14:22-33). He was able to do that because it was Jesus who was calling Him out of his position of relative security to one of apparent danger. Our leaps of faith aren’t as risky if God is the One calling us to leap. Truthfully, Peter was never in danger because Jesus was right there with him. Likewise, God calls us to step out of our safe comfort zone, into the seemingly dangerous water of generous giving. May we, like Peter, trust God to allow us to do what we ourselves are unable to do – give graciously and live generously!
  • Feb 24, 2019Miracles of Provision
    Feb 24, 2019
    Miracles of Provision
    Series: Miracles
    Each kind of miracle we’ve seen so far - deliverance, healing, protection - comes when we recognize that there’s no natural way out of the situation, so God must intervene.  It can be tempting, however, to assume that when the situation doesn’t seem desperate, that God doesn’t need to get involved.  But we must ask ourselves, when we are experiencing good health, deliverance from evil and protection from danger… isn’t God acting then too?  Today we will see something similar with God’s gift of provision.  Sometimes our need for food, shelter or some vital resource is so desperate that our only solution is a miracle of provision.  But what about when we are well fed and resourced?  Isn’t that a miracle too?
  • Feb 17, 2019Miracles of Protection
    Feb 17, 2019
    Miracles of Protection
    Series: Miracles
    Have you ever had an experience where you feel that God protected you?  Why is it that sometimes we are more inclined to think something is a coincidence rather than a miracle of protection?  Clearly we have many biblical examples of God protecting His people.  We see God protecting the Israelites as they pass through the Red Sea, Joseph as his brothers sell him into slavery, Daniel as he's thrown into the Lion's Den, and the Apostles as they are persecuted for the Gospel of Jesus.  Time and time again, God shows us that He is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.  May we take great comfort knowing that He is with us - in the storms of life, and even through the valley of the shadow of death. This is a miracle, isn’t it? 
  • Feb 10, 2019Miracles of Healing
    Feb 10, 2019
    Miracles of Healing
    Series: Miracles
    Have you ever heard about or even experienced a miraculous healing? It’s a wonderful thing. Just when the worst seems inevitable, God brings about healing that would otherwise be impossible.  From Elijah, to Jesus, to Peter, to Paul—miracles of healing are all throughout the Bible. Yet, when it comes to physical, mental, or emotional illness in our own lives, it gets harder to believe, doesn’t it? What do you do when you pray for healing and don't see the miracle you're looking for? It can be tempting to believe that God isn’t close to us, He doesn’t care, or maybe He’s not even real.  Shall we stop praying for healing?  By all means no.  We learn in God's word to ask, seek, and knock.  Jesus always hears us.
  • Feb 3, 2019Miracle of Deliverance
    Feb 3, 2019
    Miracle of Deliverance
    Series: Miracles
    We throw around the word “miracle” a lot. An underdog team pulls off the upset. A new diet pill helps you lose weight without even trying. A flight with engine trouble lands safely. But what about real miracles, when the truly impossible becomes reality? Do we really believe that can happen? For many of us, if we’re honest, the answer is “no.” We’d just as soon expect to see a pig fly. Around Jesus, though, it happened a lot. Eyesight to the blind. Diseases healed. The dead raised to life. Miracles happen. They still happen today. If we open our eyes, we might actually see the miracles God is doing around us, and if we look with the eyes of faith, we might even see one in our own lives.
  • Jan 27, 2019I’m Just a Foot
    Jan 27, 2019
    I’m Just a Foot
    Series: (All)
    The Body of Christ is a common, yet complex term used in the Christian faith. Some may initially think we are talking about the physical body of Christ, as in His human form on earth. But the term "Body of Christ" actually refers to the members of His church, throughout history. Who or what is the body of Christ? Each Christian is a part of the body of Christ. How we work together as this body is up to us.  
  • Jan 20, 2019Escape from the Past
    Jan 20, 2019
    Escape from the Past
    Series: (All)
    Right here. Right now. Jesus is present. Take a moment and let that sink in. Jesus—the very Son of God and King of the universe—is present! As He was at the wedding feast in Cana of Galilee, where He gave the first sign of His glory, He also is present with us today through the Word proclaimed and the “sign” received in His body and blood. The Table will be prepared. The bread and the wine will be plentiful. And you will be invited to come: “Take, eat. Take, drink.” Christ’s true presence is here for you, and you are richly blessed! Savor this hour as we gather and receive Jesus into our midst. What a holy hour this is! Right here. Right now. You are blessed by Jesus’ presence.
  • Jan 13, 2019You Are Mine
    Jan 13, 2019
    You Are Mine
    Series: (All)
    Typically when we first meet a new person we'll introduce ourselves by telling them our name, what we do, where we live, etc. But are these outward things the true depth of our identity, or are we much more labels and titles? Who are we...really? Today we'll explore the truth of our identity as Baptized children of God. When we realize how deeply God loves us, giving us his Son Jesus and our true identity, it's as if we hear God say once again "You are Mine". What a great place to begin this New Year, being reminded that you are a "New You" in Jesus Christ Our Lord!